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The company, founded by Paolo Pietrobelli in 1990, distributes and markets active, passive, and electromechanical electronic components for industry. Since 1990, we seek the most innovative products globally, offer only the best brands on the market, and give value to the "human relationship" supporting it with quality, value for money and punctuality. Thanks to careful analysis and continuous updating, today we combine an offering composed of the best technologies on the market with expert consultation that will satisfy even your most demanding needs..

  • Research & ConsultingWe do everything to save you time and money and to offer you the best solution for your needs. Our consultants are always at your disposal to provide, without any obligation, all the assistance needed to learn more about every product.
  • Assistance & TrainingThose who rely on us know that they can count on a partner that can improve their business. With the expertise gained over years of continuous development, we are now able to provide multiple additional services in addition to the supply of electronic equipment: pre-sales consulting and post-sales technical support.
  • Product & SolutionsHigh quality, value for money, and punctuality, these are the strengths of our all inclusive service, which is focused on the just-in-time operating philosophy. Our working method combines speed of response, ready availability of items, and a warehouse dedicated to you, completed by a flexibility that leads to the development of custom made solutions.

Team A dynamic circuit of professionalism

We are young, competent and motivated, but we believe that the main quality of a good professional is primarily the ability to listen to customers. Because only those who know how to really listen are able to create a relationship based on genuine trust, are able to really get in tune with the needs expressed and are able to meet every specific requirement, even the most complex.

Innovation is
the key ingredient

to drive
a company into the future,
to turn
an opportunity into reality,
and to turn
an idea into a project.

Pietrobelli Elettronica Innovazione

Services All-around support

  1. Quotation within 24H of the request
  2. Consultation custom
  3. Punctuality in delivery
  4. Support after sales
  5. Pietrobelli Elettronica Servizi

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