The perfect partner for your business.
We can provide not only the top technologies on the market but also specialist advice on targeted, unbeatable solutions to cater to even the most complex needs.
Pietrobelli Elettronica is a B2B distribution and marketing company that was founded by Paolo Pietrobelli in 1990. We handle active and passive electronic components and electromechanical components, always selecting the best brands on the market and seeking out the most innovative products currently available in each field on a global scale. The business is now in the hands of the next generation of the founding family: the present CEO is Alessio Pietrobelli, who has kept up the same solid, consistently high standards and combined them with an even greater aptitude for the task at hand.


We’re fully focused on our customers and everything they need, right down to the smallest details.


We’re always happy to help with everything you might need at every stage in the purchasing process, from the initial assessment to after-sales service.


We always endeavour to give buyers specific, beneficial sales advice that provides the solutions they need.


We can offer you exclusive prices, bespoke quotes and money-saving opportunities.


We always meet your needs promptly and precisely, with high-quality solutions.


Providing our services swiftly, systematically and with painstaking precision is a key part of our approach to professional ethics.

The perfect partner for your business.

We’ve always appreciated the importance of “human relations”, alongside punctuality, excellence and cost-effectiveness. They continue to play a central role today and we’re taking them to new heights thanks to continuing professional development and the all-embracing, in-depth analysis methods that we’ve fine-tuned over time.

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